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"Small steps at COP23" (01/2017) by Theresa Lieb
This publication on dietary changes becoming part of climate change negotiations was first features in the January issue of the Diplomatisches Magazin.
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"A Paris Agreement for the Oceans" (02/2017) by Johannes Klein
This article on the negotiations of an international treaty on the protection of marine biodiversity and the regulation of the high seas was first featured in the February issue of the Diplomatisches Magazin.

IFAIR in the press

March 2015

“Beide Seiten schenken sich nichts”

Tages-Anzeiger für Stadt und Kanton Zürich

November 2014

Diplomatie ist alles

Süddeutsche Zeitung

November 2014

Den Dialog immer wieder suchen


October 2014

Kaffee beim Außenminister

Das Nürnberger Land

February 2014

Join the world of our making!


November 2012

Die internationalen Beziehungen von morgen gestalten

Diplomatisches Magazin

October 2011

Ihre Mission ist die Politik

Die Welt

Press contact

  • Annekathrin Ruhose
    Annekathrin Ruhose
Annekathrin Ruhose

Annekathrin Ruhose is resonsible for press as well as public relations at IFAIR and is member of the Impact Group Foreign Policy Talks.

Annekathrin studied political science, communication science and American studies at the University of Augsburg and Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. In parallel to her studies, she has been educated as a journalist at Institut zur Förderung publizistischen Nachwuchses (ifp) in Munich. She worked as an intern and freelancer, among others, at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Reuters, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Thüringer Allgemeine and Augsburger Allgemeine. Most recently, she was assistant editor at ARD-Hauptstadtstudio and press officer for the Pirate Party at Berlin’s House of Representatives. Annekathrin speaks German, English, French and Spanish.


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