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Our Idea: Think. Learn. Act.

World politics today happens right in front of our eyes. We need people who think globally and are willing to shape international affairs. IFAIR makes young people a part of global politics and global politics a part of daily political life. In our Think Tank, young authors leave their footprints in current political debates. IFAIR’s Impact Groups give our generation a platform to bring tangible projects to reality. IFAIR’s motto is “Think. Learn. Act.”: We learn from theory and transform these learnings into practical results – and vice versa. You’re welcome!





IFAIR supports the young generation to make their voice heard in international relations. Our Think Tank gives young people the opportunity to publish their contributions and take part in current political debates. Our regional directors give feedback and review the draft articles. With frequent publications on our website and through regular columns in the Diplomatic Magazine and The European, IFAIR members share their views and ideas with a broad audience – ranging from students to ambassadors and NGO representatives.

By participating in our Think Tank, Impact Groups and workshops, IFAIR members learn the skills necessary to leave their footprints in international relations. They are building a strong network among themselves and with our partners which is often the first step on their way to a job on the international stage. Moreover, IFAIR organizes meetings with today’s decision-makers from institutions such as the Chancellery, the Foreign Ministry or the European Union. This gives IFAIR members first-hand insights into career opportunities in foreign policy.

IFAIR offers a platform for volunteer projects of a new kind. Since our foundation in 2010, we have implemented more than eight Impact Groups – from a campaign to vote in the European election, conferences for a world parliament to a discussion forum for young experts from the EU and ASEAN. New motivated contributors are always welcome to join our current projects. People also frequently approach us to help them bring their original project ideas to reality within our framework. IFAIR supports you with its experienced team, our network and the necessary tools.

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