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23 Jun 2015

EU-ASEAN Action on Climate Change: IFAIR Discusses with Experts and Policy-Makers

Posted by IFAIR in Act.EU & EuropeSouth and East AsiaThink.

Are the EU and ASEAN strategic partners in tackling climate change? They can be, said experts at IFAIR’s panel discussion held in Brussels, which engaged high-level policy-makers and academics with the ideas of young people from Europe and Southeast Asia. Weiterlesen..

20 Jun 2015

Global Solutions for Global Problems: Six Good Reasons for a World Parliament

Posted by Jonas Bedford-Strohm in Global AffairsThink.

For thousands of years, humans have responded to the challenges of life with some form of communal organization. In the course of human history, democracy emerged as one of political theory’s champions. In times of global challenge by terrorism, pandemics and climate change, the champion democracy has to stand the test and evolve: It is time for a world parliament.


15 Jun 2015

Does the Conflict with Russia over Ukraine have the Potential to Revive CSDP?

Posted by Conradin Weindl in EU & EuropeRussia & CISThink.

Although the changing security environment in Europe has mandated a potent CSDP for two decades, progress has been limited. The Ukraine crisis constitutes a potential catalyst for an effective CSDP that manages to coordinate scarce resources in European defence budgets and to streamline the European arms industry. Moreover, the CSDP has the potential to reinvigorate the European project as a whole.


1 Jun 2015

Closing Event of the Trilateral Peace Talks 2015 in Berlin

Posted by Johannes Klein in EU & EuropeRussia & CIS

From May 1st – May 5th IFAIR gathered 30 motivated students, professionals and experts from Ukraine, Russia and Germany to discuss origins, media coverage and possible solutions to the current crisis in Ukraine within the framework of various symposia and workshops.

1 Jun 2015

The conference on Development Finance in Addis Ababa

Posted by Kathrin Berensmann in Sub-Saharan AfricaThink.

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Interne News

6 Jun 2015

New in our team: Ravenna and Johannes

Posted by Alexander Pyka in Interne News

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5 Jun 2015

Invitation: Concluding event of the “2nd EU-ASEAN Perspective Dialogues” in Brussels

Posted by Theresa Lieb in Interne News

To conclude our project “2nd EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue”, that, besides an interregional online-workshop also included the writing of an applied policy paper, we are happy to announce or panel debate on the topic “EU-ASEAN Action on Climate Change – Taking Cooperation Down a Level, Stepping up Impact?”. Weiterlesen..

25 Apr 2015

Invitation: Closing event for Ukraine-Peace Talks in Berlin

Posted by Alexander Pyka in Interne News

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