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15 Oct 2014

Benign or Bellicose? China and the South China Sea: the ambiguities of the Peaceful Rise Paradigm

Posted by Leonard Schuette in South and East AsiaThink.

This article scrutinizes both, the Chinese foreign policy paradigm of ‘peaceful rise’ and western accusations of bellicosity in the context of the South China Sea disputes. It suggests that Chinese actions are ambiguous, which, however, need to be analysed in the context of the historic significance of the region.

11 Oct 2014

Democracy on Trial – Tanzania before the 2015 Elections

Posted by IFAIR in Sub-Saharan AfricaThink.

Since 1960, Tanzania has managed to hold Presidential and National Assembly elections every five years – and it will do so again in October 2015. For the first time after independence, political power seems set to shift…


7 Oct 2014

The Crisis in Ukraine and Europe’s Security

Posted by IFAIR in EU & EuropeRussia & CISThink.

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2 Oct 2014

Conversation within a nation – The Islamic State Dialogue

Posted by Tom Bottomley in EU & EuropeMiddle East & North AfricaThink.

In order to legitimately engage in generation defining acts of military intervention, the British government must seek in itself, and its allies, a greater level of scrutiny. By investing in educational outreach projects, more can be done to dispel political myths, offset racial prejudice and avoid potentially career-ending public anger derived from obscure developments on the international stage. Weiterlesen..

21 Sep 2014

Breaking away for good

Posted by IFAIR in Russia & CISThink.

Ukraine’s unexpectedly matured society leaves the post-Soviet space. Why is Ukraine  politically different from its Russian “brother nation” and who are the people behind Maidan? Weiterlesen..

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Interne News

10 Oct 2014

Responsibility for Whom and What? German Foreign Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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7 Oct 2014

Facebook talk with the foreign minister – join in!

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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1 Sep 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa at IFAIR

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

It was about time: Today, IFAIR officially launches its regional department on “Sub-Saharan Africa” in its open think tank. Thus we finally cover all regions of the world. Effective immediately, you can send contributions directly to the new regional director Corinna Coupette.

For starters, Corinna starts with a short teaser which you can read >> [here]. In the coming weeks we will publish additional articles, announcements and calls to action. Stay tuned!


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