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21 Sep 2014

Breaking away for good

Posted by IFAIR in Russia & CISThink.

Ukraine’s unexpectedly matured society leaves the post-Soviet space. Why is Ukraine  politically different from its Russian “brother nation” and who are the people behind Maidan? Weiterlesen..

7 Sep 2014

(Deutsch) Die Wirtschaft nach dem arabischen Frühling

Posted by IFAIR in Middle East & North AfricaThink.

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1 Sep 2014

The African Century?

Posted by Corinna Coupette in AfricaThink.

In Western media, Africa mainly appears as the continent of crisis: news reports on Somali pirates, Boko Haram and, most recently, the Ebola epidemic, are commonplace. In the average Western mind, Africans frequently feature as corrupt political elites (“the root of all evil”), rebels (“depends on what cause they say they are fighting for”), refugees (“poor people, but please don’t invade our social systems”), and the silently suffering crowd (“we’re giving to Western charities!”). Africa, the continent of failed states, mired in conflict: this picture persists.

Since the financial crisis, however, political leaders around the world seem to have started to change their views: faced with flagging domestic economies, they are looking to Africa as an export market, promising Foreign Direct Investment instead of – or along with – Foreign Aid. Africa, despite its difficulties, is increasingly regarded as the continent of commerce.

More than ever, Africa is thus also the continent of contrasts: the United States and Europe are already racing China for land and natural resources, not seldom to the benefit of those political elites their human rights activists regularly scathe. Huge parts of Africa’s growing population continue to live below the poverty line, lacking basic amenities and elementary education. At the same time, venture capitalists fuel start-up hubs, encouraging many, often well- (and foreign-)educated young Africans to find African solutions to African problems.

Could this century be the African century? At the moment, a bet on Africa as the next boom continent appears to be “high risks, high potentials”. But where exactly do those risks and potentials lie? What are the prospects of development – not only in Africa generally, but in its countries and regions specifically? And what, if any, should be the role of the West in African development?

We look forward to discussing these and like questions in our new “Think.” category “Sub-Saharan Africa” and our existing “MENA” category. Therefore, we welcome your submissions at: (Regional Director “Sub-Saharan Africa”)

and (Regional Director “MENA”)

Corinna Coupette

1 Aug 2014

Out to get us? The problem with China’s ‘scramble for Europe’

Posted by IFAIR in EU & EuropeSouth and East AsiaThink.

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17 Jul 2014

The EU and the Asian Tiger – Assessing the EU-Singapore FTA

Posted by Katharina Luise Meissner in EU & EuropeSouth and East AsiaThink.

In 2012, the EU concluded its first free trade agreement (FTA) with a Southeast Asian partner. The FTA with Singapore is the most comprehensive deal both partners have ever negotiated. It is a success for the EU – after all it has proved its capacity of concluding a FTA in Southeast Asia (SEA). Weiterlesen..

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Interne News

1 Sep 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa at IFAIR

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

It was about time: Today, IFAIR officially launches its regional department on “Sub-Saharan Africa” in its open think tank. Thus we finally cover all regions of the world. Effective immediately, you can send contributions directly to the new regional director Corinna Coupette.

For starters, Corinna starts with a short teaser which you can read >> [here]. In the coming weeks we will publish additional articles, announcements and calls to action. Stay tuned!


31 Aug 2014

New Team Member: Corinna heads Sub-Saharan-Africa Department

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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19 Aug 2014

Two IFAIR members talk to foreign minister

Posted by Hanna Pfeifer in Interne News

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