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15 Dec 2014

Responsibility: To Whom, For What and For Whom? German Foreign Policy in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Posted by Hanna Pfeifer in Middle East & North AfricaThink.

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15 Dec 2014

A Summit Meeting in the Name of Good Health – International Experts Attend the World Health Summit in Berlin

Posted by Markus Feller in Global AffairsThink.

Better health care for everyone in the world is one of the greatest challenges faced by the international community. Around 1,000 experts from over 80 countries came to the sixth World Health Summit at the Foreign Office in Berlin in mid October. They discusses epidemics, climate change, medical progresses, healthy living in big cities, and “Big Data“. Weiterlesen..

26 Nov 2014

Understanding the geopolitical play behind the fall in oil prices

Posted by Thomas Esdaile-Bouquet in Global AffairsThink.

Oil has reached a 4-year low, with the barrel of Brent now under 80 USD for the first time since 2011. The fall has been very sharp, considering the Brent was above 115 USD per barrel as late as June 2014. Analysts have been puzzled as market dynamics do not fully explain this downward trend. Observers have been quick to point out that US shale oil has been flooding the market, while global demand has softened. However neither of these trends can fully explain the sharp drop in oil prices. Weiterlesen..

15 Oct 2014

Benign or Bellicose? China and the South China Sea: the ambiguities of the Peaceful Rise Paradigm

Posted by Leonard Schuette in South and East AsiaThink.

This article scrutinizes both, the Chinese foreign policy paradigm of ‘peaceful rise’ and western accusations of bellicosity in the context of the South China Sea disputes. It suggests that Chinese actions are ambiguous, which, however, need to be analysed in the context of the historic significance of the region.

11 Oct 2014

Democracy on Trial – Tanzania before the 2015 Elections

Posted by IFAIR in Sub-Saharan AfricaThink.

Since 1960, Tanzania has managed to hold Presidential and National Assembly elections every five years – and it will do so again in October 2015. For the first time after independence, political power seems set to shift…


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Interne News

6 Dec 2014

Apply now for the 2nd Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue

Posted by IFAIR in Act.EU & EuropeInterne NewsSouth and East Asia

IFAIR is pleased to announce the second edition of its Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue, taking place between 14 and 28 March 2015. The project will bring together young researchers from Europe and Southeast Asia in online workshops to discuss current issues under the theme ‘Building global partnerships – Which role for the EU and ASEAN?’. Weiterlesen..

17 Nov 2014

IFAIR participates in conference on transatlantic relations – reduced fee for all members

Posted by IFAIR in Interne NewsSouth and East Asia

What role for partnerships with other regions in today’s transatlantic relations? Nelly Stratieva of the Impact Group EU-ASEAN Perspectives will bring IFAIR’s expertise on EU-ASEAN relations to the table at a conference organized jointly by the Protestant Academy Loccum and the Atlantic Initiative. Weiterlesen..

3 Nov 2014

IFAIR in “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Newspaper)

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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