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18 Mar 2015

Ongwen’s Justice Dilemma

Posted by IFAIR in Sub-Saharan AfricaThink.

The recent surrender and transfer of a senior Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Commander, the Ugandan Brigadier Dominic Ongwen, to the International Criminal Court (ICC) raises dilemmas for the states and justice institutions involved as well as for the conflict-affected communities. Weiterlesen..

2 Mar 2015

Call for Applications from German participants: “Trilateral Peacetalks: Germany, Russia, Ukraine”, 01. – 04.05.2015, Berlin

Posted by IFAIR in Act.Russia & CIS

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7 Feb 2015

German Arms Transfer to North Africa and the Middle East from 1999 to 2013

Posted by Barbora Lenneffer in Global AffairsThink.

Germany argues to pursue a ethically driven international policy when dealing with the export of arma. Its behaviour nevertheless contradicts its rhetoric as Berlin does indeed export weaponry to states that do violate international norms and principles. This fact is proven by its own Military Equipment Export Reports. Weiterlesen..

5 Feb 2015

The moral responsibility of corporations in arms trade

Posted by Elisabeth Urich in Global AffairsThink.

The paper deals with the discrepancy between the societies’ view, in terms of moral standards, on the export of arms and the actual standards in this field. Furthermore I am going to prove that the handling of the export of weapons is directly related to our own moral standards. In relation to business ethics I will conclude that thus there has to be a change either in the circumstances of these exports or in the support of such in general. Weiterlesen..

30 Jan 2015

Urbanisation – A megatrend that will define our future

Posted by Dirk Messner / Clara Brandi in Global AffairsThink.

Urban living is the dominant lifestyle of the future. By 2050, two thirds of the world population will live in cities. In the next two decades, the number of people living in urban spaces will grow by 1.4 million a week. Therefore, the current preparations for the UN-Habitat III conference in 2016, where a “New Urban Agenda“ will be established, are of utmost importance. Weiterlesen..

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Interne News

20 Mar 2015

(Deutsch) IFAIR-Vorstand Oppold über die Ukraine-Krise

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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15 Mar 2015

Online Workshops of the 2nd Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue started

Posted by Theresa Lieb in Interne News

On Saturday, IFAIR started the discussions regarding cooperations between the EU and ASEAN in four selected policy fields of interregional cooperation: development, the international financial architecture, trade and climate change.

In the following weeks, the 10 ASEAN and 10 European participants of each workshop group, that come from 13 different countries, will discuss their topic. The workshops are guided by our IFAIR moderators and expert advisors to help the participants elaborate insights and ideas that will be published in a paper and presented at our EU-ASEAN conference in Brussels taking place in June.

We hope that the following discussions will be just as interesting and productive as the kick-off meeting on Saturday and look forward to the results!


10 Feb 2015

Guide for Internships in International Organizations

Posted by IFAIR in Interne News

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