What is LACalytics?

LACalytics is a programme that facilitates interregional cooperation between students and young professionals from Europe (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It develops in-depth analyses of current issues in LAC and the EU regarding politics, economics and civil society as well as EU-LAC relations from the point of view of young people, offering a unique perspective. The aim of the program is to foster bi-regional awareness and understanding, and to promote the young generation’s impact on policy-making.

Publication and Conference

LACalytics develops – in a rhythm of two years – the publication of articles on general themes, such as economics, politics, environment and civil society. The articles are written by a bi-regional team of young thinkers from the EU and LAC. The contributions are published on the open think tank and other online platforms. Additionally, the best articles are featured in a printed policy publication and presented by their respective authors to high-level stakeholders of the EU-LAC partnership during a final conference, held in a major European city.

Objectives of the Programme

With LACalytics, IFAIR pursues three main objectives:

  1. To strengthen the historic bi-regional relationship between the EU and LAC; to foster the understanding of policy-makers on matters of relevance for the young generation; and to raise the interest of the civil society for the respective other region.
  2. To form an open platform for connecting young people from both regions in order to work together on important issues; fostering interregional understanding on a personal and professional level as well as on the level of civil society; and raising the impact that young experts have on policy making in general, and especially on the governance of bi-regional partnerships.
  3. To inspire dialogue and stimulate collaboration between the LAC-region and the EU.

The 1. Edition - 2015-2016

The first edition of LACalytics, which was greatly supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the EU-LAC Foundation, took place from 2015 to 2016. The programme attracted the interest of more than 200 applicants from 33 countries and brought together bright talents from Europe and Latin America. It produced twenty-three digital analyses on four general themes (economics, politics, environment, civil society) written by teams of young thinkers from the EU and LAC. The best twelve contributions were additionally featured in a multilingual digital and printed publication of a series of policy papers under the title: “EU-LAC Cooperation in the 21st century: Combining efforts in a globalized world” (English and Spanish/Portuguese). The articles of the printed publication were presented to high-level stakeholders of the EU-LAC partnership during a final conference held in Hamburg, Germany, from 22nd to 25th of October 2016.

The 2. Edition - 2017-2018

Due to the success of the first edition of LACalytics, IFAIR is currently working on a second edition of LACalytics. The Call for Applications has been published (also available in Spanish, Portuguese and German). If you want to become a participant, fill out the application form and send it to us before January 22nd 2018.

For more information on LACalytics, do not hesitate to contact us:

The LACalytics Team

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Current Status:

The Call for Applications has been published. Looking forward to receiving your application until January 22nd 2018!

Our Partners


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How can you get engaged with LACalytics?

If you are a student or a young professional: You can become a participant of LACalytics 2018 and co-author an article. In addition, the authors of the best articles, get the opportunity to take part in the final conference. The Call for Applications has been published. Apply now!

For potential sponsors: You can support LACalytics 2018 by contributing to the printing costs for the final publication and/or the costs of the final conference.

For potential publication partners: You can support LACalytics 2018, by providing an online or printed platform for informing about the project and/or for publishing the co-authored articles.

For relevant stakeholders of EU-LAC relations: You can become a contributor to the final publication, by writing an introduction to one of the chapters of the publication. You can become a contributor to the final conference by giving a speech, delivering a workshop or by hosting the event in your institution. Or you can become a patron of LACalytics 2018.

Idea: If you have any further idea on LACalytics or any feedback, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.