Young experts from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the European Union (EU) work in bi-regional teams to co-author 20 articles on four macro themes, which will be published onvarious online platforms as well as in a printed policy paper. The authors of the best articles will additionally be chosen to participate in a final conference from 22-25. of October 2016 in Hamburg where they present their results to political stakeholders and the civil society.
The final LACalytics policy paper can be found in English and Spanish .

What is LACalytics?

LACalytics is a program facilitating interregional cooperation of students and young professionals from Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the field of international relations. It produces in-depth analyses of current topics in Latin American politics, economics and social life as well as EU-LAC relations which affect the youth in Latin America. LACalytics provides a unique perspective on these topics by analyzing them through the lens of young people.

The program delivers twenty online publications on four macro-themes (economics, politics, environment and civil society) written by bi-regional teams of young thinkers from the EU and LAC. The articles will be published on our open think tank as well as in cooperation with partner platforms such as the Diplomatic Magazine. Analyses can range from the EU and LAC´s role in fighting climate change to the influence of social movements in the two regions to the effects of TTIP on LAC´s youth. The best contributions will additionally be featured in a printed policy-paper publication, which will be presented to principal stakeholders of the EU-LAC partnership during a final conference in October 2016. Altogether, LACalytics is IFAIR´s most recent initiative aiming to increase interregional understanding as well as to raise young people’s impact on foreign policy making.

What are the program´s objectives?

With LACalytics, IFAIR pursues four main objectives:

  1. Strengthening the historic bi-regional relationship between the EU and LAC and the civil societies’ interest for the other region;
  2. increasing the understanding policy-makers have of problems concerning young people in Latin America, and therewith positively influencing the region’s future;
  3. directly connecting young people from both regions and facilitating a focused discussion between them, thus fostering international understanding on a civil society level;
  4. increasing the impact young interregional experts have on the governance of the growing partnerships between the EU and LAC.

Who is responsible for LACalytics?

Program Coordinator


Program Partners






Conference Organisation


Current Status:

Planning of LACalytics II in 2018

Our Partners

AA_Office_Farbe_de The program was under content direction by IFAIR e.V. and the patronage of H.E. Dieter Lamlé, the Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean of the German Federal Foreign Office.
LogoTheresa4 As one of the media partners, the aspiring Brazilian politics blog Xadrez Verbal support the LACalytics programme with the publication of articles.
masol For the publication of articles, LACalytics is supported by the energy blog Energia Limpia XXI.
Facing Change The Website facing change cooperates with LACalytics for the publication of articles.

How can you get engaged with LACalytics?

There are many ways to become part of this important program, building a closer and more sustainable relationship between the EU and LAC:

Participant: Become a participant by applying to write an article and get the chance to attend the final conference. You can find all required information regarding the application process in English, Portugues and Espanol. The deadline for applications was January 15, 2016.

Fundraising Partner: Help fundraise the program by providing financial aid to participants who cannot self-finance participation at the final conference, through covering printing costs of the final publication or by sponsoring the final conference or supporting IFAIR´s overhead costs.

Publication Partner: Publish our articles on your medium to spread our analyses and to inform people about our program.

Expert Cooperation: If you are a renowned expert on a topic concerning LAC or EU-LAC relations write an introduction to a chapter of our final publication or become part of the final conference through delivering a talk or workshop to our participants.

Idea: We are happy to talk to you about LACalytics and learn about your perspective and ideas.