LACalytics 2018: Final Publication

LACalytics 2018: Final Publication

We are more than delighted to share with you the final publication of LACalytics.

Students and young professionals co-wrote in bi-regional teams, with one thinker coming from Europe and the other one coming from Latin America and the Caribbean, articles on Politics, Economics, Environment, Civil Society & Culture as well as Science, Technology and Innovation.

Under the title “Strengthening EU-LAC Cooperation: Sharing Experiences for Present and Future Developments”, the best articles written for the programme, have been published in English and Spanish.

You can find the final publication of LACalytics 2018 in English and Spanish here.

Anna Schwertz-Weirich

Anna Schwertz-Weirich is regional director for “EU & Europe” and member of the LACalytics Impact Group. Anna is currently working for a research center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she focuses on economic and social issues. At the same time, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies with a major in philosophy. Prior to this, Anna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University, the Netherlands; and took part in an exchange programme with the University of Buenos Aires. She wrote her thesis on banking and corporate governance as part of the Maastricht Research Based Learning Programme; and studied in the Honours Programme, pursuing besides her regular studies additional courses in economics, sociology, philosophy and cultural studies. Anna speaks German, English, Spanish and French.