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An informative afternoon: IFAIR’s event on “Russia and its Invisible Puppet States&#8221

On June 25th, IFAIR’s co-director for ‘Eastern Europe to Central Asia’ Lance Bradley hosted and moderated the event “Russia and its Invisible Puppet States” at the Gesellschaft für Europabildung in Berlin. Our attendees got to hear an in-depth introduction to the so-called “People’s Republics” in Eastern Ukraine by Nikolaus von Twickel (Zentrum Liberale Moderne) with important insights on agency in these regions vis-à-vis the Kremlin. Keith Harrington from Maynooth University presented (virtually) his expertise on Transnistria and also spoke about the role of separatism and minority voting blocks on domestic politics in Moldova, as well as in relation to broader […]

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IFAIR event: “Russia’s Invisible Puppet States” on June 25th in Berlin

Why is propping up separatist regimes an integral part of Russian foreign policy? How do de facto states function and what do they have to do with the war against Ukraine? Should the EU reevaluate its relation to separatism? Find out at IFAIR’s event “Russia’s Invisible Puppet States” on June 25th from 14:00-17:00! Join us for interactive presentations, hear critical stances on Europe’s reactionary foreign policy and relation to Russian-backed separatism in Eastern Europe and discuss Russian-backed separatism, the role of de-facto states in the war against Ukraine, and the EU’s reactionary policy towards separatism in its backyard. The event will kick off […]

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Call for Applications: Regional Director for the “North America” region

You are interested in international relations and foreign policy? You would like to be part of a young team with a start-up atmosphere and actively shape a successful and rapidly growing organization? You want to take over responsibilities in an international project? Then join us and become a member of IFAIR’s core team on a voluntary basis. More information can be found here. Please apply by May 9th, 2021 by sending your application to Anne Laible (  

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Annual Report 2020: A Year in Between Challenges and New Perspectives

It is almost always impossible to summarize a year that has just passed using only a single label. The year 2020, however, is different. Many people from different parts of the world would certainly agree that it carries the title ‘COVID-19 pandemic’. Events such as the assassination of Iranian military commander Soleimani, the explosion in the port of Beirut, the terrorist attacks of Vienna, or the poisoning of Alexej Nawalny in Russia fade in light of a year amid lockdowns, COVID-19 relief packages, the hope for an effective vaccine and above all: sickness and death, fears, standstill, and social distancing. […]

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    2014 – New cooperations and new perspectives on international relations

    Fasten your imaginary seatbelts as we travel back to 2014, a year that marked the beginning of one of IFAIR’s oldest and still active Impact Groups: EU-ASEAN Perspectives. As the name suggests, this travel takes us to Southeast Asia – at least something to calm the Wanderlust, in times of travel restrictions, right? The Impact Group EU-ASEAN Perspectives brings together young people from the EU and ASEAN to discuss current issues and develop proposals for the future of interregional relations. What emerged as a thought experiment for better use of online opportunities, became a complete success. With its EU-ASEAN-Perspectives-Dialogue (EUAP), […]

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      Five Questions With – Dr. Kilian Spandler

      … who is an International Relations researcher at the School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg and the first guest of our ‘Five Questions With’–interview series with IFAIR alumni. Please describe your activities at IFAIR: I first got involved in IFAIR as an occasional contributor for the Think Tank blog shortly after it came into being. I was friends with two IFAIR members back then, so I learned quite a lot about the initiative and thought it was a great idea. In 2013, I co-founded the Impact Group EU-ASEAN Perspectives, which brought together students and young professionals from […]

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        2015 – Global crises require international cooperation and exchange

        The global crises of 2015 – Ukraine, Syria, Euro-Crisis, just to name a few – determined not only international politics and public debates but also IFAIR’s work in promoting the engagement of the young generation in foreign affairs. In the fifth year since its foundation, IFAIR realized more projects than ever before, increasing its public outreach as well as its professionality as an organization. The number of IFAIR members increased by 26 percent to a total of 121 and the Think Tank grew to 350 submissions, providing a platform for policy analyses, debates, and perspectives from all over the world. […]

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        Call for Applications: Regional Director Sub-Saharan Africa and Regional Director Eastern Europe &#0

        Are you interested in international relations and foreign affairs? Do you want to become part of a young team and actively shape a successful and fastly growing organization? Do you want to take over responsibility of an international project? Then join us and become a member of IFAIR’s core team on a voluntary basis. More information can be found here. Please apply until 23rd December, 2020 by sending your application to Anne Laible (    

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