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Interested in IFAIR? Join us and be part of our initiative – depending on your time and interests, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. Our members take international relations in their own hands: All our projects are planned and implemented by our members on a voluntary basis.

Download and fill in the membership application form here: Membership application form

You have questions about becoming an IFAIR member or want to send us your completed application form? Get in touch with Florian.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas!

Our members pay an annual membership fee of 24 EUR (if you join in the second half of the year, it’s 12 EUR for the first year). As we want to give everybody the chance to get involved with IFAIR, it is possible to get an exemption from the membership fee under certain circumstances. All members receive a charitable donation certificate for their membership fees (on request). Beyond normal membership, we also offer a Junior sponsorship and Senior sponsorship for partners and supporters of the association.

You have ideas on how to solve international conflicts? You have made a thrilling observation abroad? You want to bring a new perspective into the current political debate or share an aspect of your thesis? Then write an article for our Think Tank! More than 350 people have so far shared their ideas here, from first year students to the president of the European Commission. Through our cooperation with the Diplomatic Magazine, you can even reach a broader audience.

Interested? Take a look at our formal requirements and get in touch with the regional manager who is responsible for the field that corresponds to your topic.

Finally getting active! Hands-on, but at the same time flexible. With young, ambitious people in tangible projects. And not as a life’s work, but if necessary only for a limited period of time. In Impact Groups you can contribute to our projects on a short- or long-term basis, no matter where you are. Young motivated people work together in Impact Groups to achieve a common goal – be it to organise a foreign policy event in Berlin or to write a policy paper on EU-ASEAN relations. Have a look at our current projects on the Impact Group page and find out how you can get involved.

You have an idea that you would like to bring to reality in a tangible project? You still need people to work with, a network or support to get funding? Then start your own Impact Group with our help!

As a start, you can get an overview of possible Impact Group ideas with IFAIR’s project tool box.

All our Impact Groups have started small but with innovative ideas. IFAIR supports you with our team, our network and the tools necessary to address current questions and challenges. Interested? Get in touch with Tom!

Your dream job lies somewhere between New York and Timbuktu? You would like to work for the European Union, the Foreign Ministry or the United Nations? So do we!

Join our activities and events – IFAIR not only provides you with information and insights concerning your potential international career but also offers skill-workshops as well as informal talks with inspiring representatives from politics and civil society.

You would like to get involved with IFAIR more actively and for a longer period of time? You could imagine managing a regional section in our Think Tank or supporting our fundraising activities? Then become a member of our core team and send us your proactive application in which you tell us about yourself and how you want to contribute to IFAIR.

As a non-profit organisation, all IFAIR members contribute to our Think Tank and Impact Groups on a voluntary basis – we do not offer paid positions at IFAIR. In case of any questions, please get in touch with Hannes!