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The Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations (IFAIR) is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation dedicated to promoting greater involvement of young people in international affairs. Founded in 2010 in Germany, it has grown to become a global network of students and young professionals to make young voices heard in international relations through publications and transnational projects.

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The #EU elections are in less than 10 weeks. #WhyCare? IFAIR members tell their reasons to vote! #EUElections ...

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Who runs the world!?


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Katharina Lange, our new Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, comes next in our #IFAIR #InterviewSeries.

"I came across IFAIR in a Facebook group and was immediately impressed by its commitment to enable young people to take part in international affairs. Shortly afterwards, I learnt that they are looking for someone to adopt the region of Sub-Saharan Africa. As I have been focusing on this precious part of the world not only within my studies, I applied for the position of regional director for Sub-Saharan Africa straightaway and I still am really excited that I was asked to become a part of the IFAIR team at the end of last year.
To me, IFAIR offers a great opportunity to actively engage in international relations and share ideas as well as perspectives with other young people. As I have only recently joint the IFAIR team, I am very impressed by its encouragement, engagement and its various ideas. The whole team is highly inspiring, and it is an honour for me to take part. My aim is to transform my passion for Africa into different projects that enable young people from Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe to exchange their views, opinions and experiences. Within my role as regional director of Sub-Saharan Africa, I am planning on initiating an impact group that involves and brings together students from Africa and Europe, either within a discussion forum or even an exchange programme. I am really motivated to make an impact and bring global issues into everyday life."

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Wrapping up our annual #IFAIR meeting in Berlin. Thanks to all who participated. ...

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European Youth Event

In 2018, IFAIR sent for the first time a delegation of students and young professionals to the European Youth Event (EYE). The EYE brings together young Europeans, aged between 16 and 30, with European decision-makers and politicians in order to discuss European matters and issues.

EU-ASEAN Perspectives

The Impact Group EU-ASEAN Perspectives succesfully hosted the concluding conference of the 3rd EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue in November 2016 in Brussels. Young experts from South East Asia and the EU presented a policy paper on gender equality to political stakeholders and the civil society.


The Impact Group LACalytics has successfully completed its first project cycle with a concluding conference in Hamburg in October 2016. Young authors from Latin America and the EU presented their policy paper with 20 co-authored articles to political stakeholders and the civil society.

Foreign Policy Talks

The Impact Group Foreign Policy Talks is currently planning the next event in spring 2018. Stay updated here for more information!

Recent publications

LACalytics EN Cover

"Strengthening EU-LAC Cooperation: Sharing Experiences for Present and Future Developments" (2018)
This is the final publication of LACalytics 2018 and consists of policy articles related to Politics, Economics, Environment, Civil Society & Culture as well as Science, Technology and Innovation in EU-LAC relations.

"Memory as a Tool of Change: Forgotten Places in Siberia" (2017)
As the final part of IFAIR's project “Memory as a Tool of Change”, all German and Russian participants contributed to this collected edition with essays on their experiences with commemorative cultures in Russia and Germany.

"EU-LAC Cooperation in the 21st century: Combining efforts in a globalized world" (2016)
This publication features a series of policy papers written jointly by teams of young scholars from the EU and LAC regions as part of IFAIR's first LACalytics project in 2016. 

"Gender Equality: An EU-ASEAN Interregional Perspective on Policy Making" (2016)
This publication features a number of policy papers from scholars and young professionals from the EU and ASEAN regions who participated in IFAIR's 3rd EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue in 2016. 


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The Federal Foreign Office is responsible for the foreign and EU policy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is responsible for the development cooperation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

German Bundestag

The German Bundestag is the national Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

European Commission

The European Commission is a supranational body of the European Union and corresponds to the executive in the EU political system.

European External Action Service

The European External Action Service supports the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

German Academic Scholarship Foundation

The German Academic Scholarship Foundation is a politically, ideologically and denominationally independent institution that awards scholarships to exceptionally talented students and doctoral candidates in Germany.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a non-profit foundation associated with the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a non-profit foundation associated with the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a non-profit foundation associated with the German Green Party.

Hanns Seidl Foundation

The Hanns Seidl Foundation is a non-profit foundation associated with the German Christian Social Union (CSU).

Diplomatisches Magazin

The Diplomatic Magazine is the journal of the diplomatic community in Germany, which publishes articles of IFAIR’s Think Tank every month.

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