Impact Groups

Impact Groups

What is an impact group?

In Impact Groups, young people take matters into their own hands to bring their ideas to reality and shape our world. As a project platform, IFAIR provides the network and tools necessary to address current challenges in tangible projects. Whether Peace Talks with students from Germany, Ukraine and Russia or environmental cooperation in South America – you decide what is important and to be put on the agenda.

How can I join?

Finally getting active! Hands-on and yet flexible. With young, ambitious people in tangible projects. In our Impact Groups, you can contribute to our projects on a short- or long-term basis, no matter where you are. Have a look at our current projects and find out how you can get involved. Or do you have your own idea for an Impact Group that you would like to bring to reality with our help? Then get in touch with Tom!

Current Impact Groups


The Impact Group “EcoGrowth” explores how the environment and the economy interact in an international context. Through regular meetings, events and publications, EcoGrowth fosters a community of passionate individuals who are committed to addressing environmental challenges and creating economic opportunities that promote sustainability.

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Future of the International Monetary System

The Impact Group ‘Future of the International Monetary System’ wants to raise awareness about those structures of the international monetary system and make knowledge available to a broader population. We want to bridge the gap between academic research and the process by which public opinion is formed and democratic positions are adopted.

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completed Impact Groups

Foreign Policy Talks

The Impact Group Foreign Policy Talks brings together students and young professionals with decision makers and experts of today to discuss current foreign policy issues. We offer the opportunity to get first-hand accounts on foreign policy making and to receive information about working in international relations. Read more


The Impact Group LACalytics brings together young people from the EU and Latin America to discuss current issues and publish co-authored articles in bi-regional tandems. We offer a platform for students and young professionals to exchange views and knowledge about politics, economics, social life as well as international relations in both regions. Read more

Diplomacy and Democracy

The Impact Group “Diplomacy and Democracy” aims at discussing the relationship between diplomacy, transparency and democracy. The project intends to motivate young people interested in international politics to think about questions outside their curriculum as they need to be part of the discussions surrounding the concept of global democracy. Read more

European Youth Event

In 2018, IFAIR sent for the first time a delegation of students and young professionals to the European Youth Event (EYE). Hosted by the European Parliament every two years, the EYE brings together young Europeans, aged between 16 and 30, with European decision-makers and politicians in order to discuss European matters and issues. Read more

EU-ASEAN Perspectives

The Impact Group EU-ASEAN Perspectives brought together young experts from the EU and ASEAN to discuss current issues of EU-ASEAN relations. We offered a platform for young scholars from both regions to engage in a constructive dialogue about mutual perspectives and develop proposals for the future of interregional cooperation. Read more

Anti-Corruption Walks Ukraine

The Impact Group “Anti-Corruption Walks Ukraine” developed and offered guided Anti-Corruption Walks in Ukraine. Aim of the project was to spread the knowledge on corruption and anti-corruption mechanisms to a broader audience in and outside of Kyiv. Read more

Common Remembrance, Future Relations

The Impact Group „Common Remembrance, Future Relations” contributed to intercultural understanding and cooperation between Armenia, France, Germany, Israel and Turkey by connecting NGOs and guiding a structured exchange of the culture of remembrance and memorial practices. Read more

UN Parliament

The Impact Group UN Parliament brought together young people from all over the world to discuss the idea of a directly elected second chamber next to the General Assembly in the UN. We organized simulations about the negotiation process of the UN Parliament’s statutes and hosted high-level discussions about global democracy. Read more

Memory as a Tool of Change

The Impact Group Memory as a Tool of Change brought together students from Russia and Germany to deal with the issues of remembrance, responsibility, and future in a joint and transnational approach. Among others, the students discussed about the political reappraisal of National Socialism and Stalinism in both countries. Read more

Trilateral Ukrainian-Russian-German Peace Talks

30 students, young scholars and professionals from the Ukraine, Russia and Germany came together in May 2015 to be part of the Trilateral Ukrainian-Russian-German Peace Talks in Berlin. Among others, they discussed about conflicts arising from power struggles in the postsowjet space and ways of resolving them on both an interpersonal and political level. Read more

European Elections 2014

With the European Elections coming up in 2014, IFAIR created an exciting agenda over several months to discuss pressing issues of European integration. Among others, IFAIR co-organized the European Public Policy Conference 2014 and kicked-off the social-media campaign “#IVoteBecause” to motivate young people to go to the polls. Read more

Forum of Young Russia Experts

With the Forum of Young Russia Experts, IFAIR reacted to the increasing demand for professional expertise on Russia. The Impact Group brought together young scholars, professionals and journalists with experiences experts from both countries to jointly develop the expertise that is needed to further Russian-German relations. Read more

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What Can I do?

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