What is the Impact group about?

EcoGrowth is an Impact Group that aims to explore and promote the nexus between the environment and the economy, and the crucial role this relationship plays in shaping future international relations and global security.

We believe that the environment and the economy are intimately linked, and that environmental challenges can no longer be viewed in isolation from economic considerations. Climate change, for instance, is not only an environmental problem but also an economic one, as it has the potential to disrupt global markets and destabilize economies. On the other hand, hasty and ill-informed political decisions in the name of climate protection can have the same problematic consequences.

To address these challenges, we need to remove ideology from environmental policy decisions and focus on evidence-based decision-making. This approach ensures that policies are based on objective facts that are underpinned by unbiased data. By doing so, we can create policies that are not only effective but also politically feasible and economically viable.

To achieve our goals, we produce two main types of outputs: academic articles and video abstracts of these articles. Our video abstracts help to make our research accessible to a wider audience, including policymakers, stakeholders, and concerned citizens. Our work is particularly relevant to young professionals and current grad students who are interested in exploring the intersection of the environment and the economy.

By joining EcoGrowth, you will have the opportunity to work with a community of passionate individuals who are committed to addressing environmental challenges and creating economic opportunities that promote sustainability. We believe that our work will contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between the environment and the economy and promote evidence-based decision-making in environmental policy. By joining EcoGrowth, you can help us achieve our goals and make a difference in shaping a more sustainable future for all.

Project Team

Project team


We are currently raising funds and are looking for project partners.

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