Media Partnership with Energía Limpia XXI

Media Partnership with Energía Limpia XXI

LACalytics 2018, the second edition of the LACalytics programme, proudly announces a media partnership with Energía Limpia XXI.

Energía Limpia XXI is a group of journalists and “dreamers” who believe in a fair and sustainable planet for all. Since its foundation in 2014, the main aim of Energía Limpia XXI has been to share information and create awareness on key issues such as renewable energy, sustainable development, climate change mitigation, electric cars and other creative ways of transport.

Within this collaboration, Energía Limpia XXI is going to publish the articles on environmental issues, which have been written under the LACalytics 2018 Programme.

LACalytics and Energía Limpia XXI have already been working together for the first edition of LACalytics in 2016.