IFAIR’s Semiannual Meeting in February 2019

IFAIR’s Semiannual Meeting in February 2019

Between the 22ndand the 24thof February members of IFAIR’s core team and the Executive Board met in Berlin for IFAIR’s first semiannual meeting in 2019. They took this opportunity to get to know in person those members who have joined the IFAIR core team only recently, to plan IFAIR’s activities for 2019 and to discuss current issues in international relations and foreign affairs.

In particular, the team reflected on the development of IFAIR’s Think Tank and held a discussion round gathering ideas and perspectives for new Impact Groups that could be founded within the course of this year. Not only young people who are already part of IFAIR are interested in engaging further, but IFAIR also invited new students interested in joining IFAIR. We are very thrilled to say that a certainly exciting year with many new ideas to be put into practice lies ahead of us.

Another crucial topic was the start of the preparation of the upcoming elections of the Executive Board which will probably take place at the second semiannual meeting in September 2019. The team has already started to discuss how to structure the next Executive Board and it has been exciting to see that many of IFAIR’s current team members have expressed interest in running for a position. To further prepare the team for this transition, the current Executive Board will gradually introduce interested team members to the various subjects and responsibilities of their work throughout the next five months.

The upcoming EU elections were another hot topic during the weekend. IFAIR decided to run a social media campaign to motivate young people to vote and inform them of reasons for doing so. We will post statements of IFAIR team members with their personal reasons for coting and encourage other young people to join the campaign. We hereby strongly encourage everyone to take place in the election process and we hope that everyone knows what a responsibility and honor it is to vote.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who actively took part in our successful semiannual meeting. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend together and to work productively on IFAIR’s development and towards our goals. We are looking forward to meeting again at our next semiannual meeting in September and to many IFAIR events in the meantime.