EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue I

Since 2013, the Impact Group hosts the EU-ASEAN-Perspectives-Dialoge. Starting with an Online Workshop in October 2013, we have developed a network of young scholars and professionals with an interest in discussing empirical as well as normative questions of EU-ASEAN relations and bridging the academia-policy divide.

The Policy Paper Unlocking the Potential of Interregionalism summarizing the findings from EU-ASEAN Perspectives I and making recommendations about how to improve interregional relations was handed over to policy-makers of both regions on the sidelines of the panel discussion “Does the EU miss out on the Asian Century”, which took place on 10 Februrary 2014 and was organized by IFAIR. The results were also made public in articles for the Diplomatischen Magazin, Euractiv and other news outlets.

EU-ASEAN Perspectives

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EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue III

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EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue II

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Dr. Thomas Gambke EU-ASEAN Perspectives I was held under the auspices of Dr Thomas Gambke, Member of German Parliament, Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with the ASEAN States and member of the IFAIR Advisory Board.

How can I contribute?

Students and young researchers who are willing to actively contribute to developing our idea are welcome to join the Impact Group. If you have questions or ideas for future projects, feel free to contact us!