CfP: Left Behind? New Realities for European Youth

CfP: Left Behind? New Realities for European Youth

As an official partner, IFAIR welcomes all graduate students to the 6th European Public Policy Conference, 2014. The conference will be held April 11-13 in Rome, Italy. To participate, please submit a 1000 words maximum paper or policy recommendations regarding one of the following themes:

» Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment stands at nearly 25% across the European Union, reaching highs of over 55% in Spain and Greece. Amid such alarming numbers, talk of a so-called Lost Generation of Europeans has propelled policymakers into action. Will the EU’s plans for a Youth Guarantee work? What needs to be done to counter this trend?

» Generation Gap

As austerity measures press on across the continent, young people are increasingly being shut out of permanent, stable employment in favour of short-term contracts and unpaid work. Is this generation facing fundamentally different prospects from that of its parents? And as welfare states struggle to adapt to precarious new labour markets, are older generations’ entitlements being protected at the expense of future ones?

» Disengaged and Turning Away

How are Europe’s young people reacting to the crisis? Some are voting with their feet, setting up in new countries under difficult circumstances. Others are turning to growing Eurosceptic movements across the continent, to protest parties, or even to the re-emerging far right. Still others are disengaging altogether from public life. What are the risks and opportunities of this crisis for political and social culture among Europe’s youth?

Papers and ideas will judged by the EPPC academics committee for the €300 Best Paper Award.
The best papers will also be published on

Please send your submissions in .docx or .pdf to >> [] along with your CV and the Registration Form that can be downloaded >> [HERE]. Read more about the EPPC 2014 >> [here].

Deadline: 10 February 2014.
Deadline Extension: 14 March 2014

Partner Organisations of the EPPC 2014

Partner Organisations of the EPPC 2014

The conference is part of a series of events in context of the upcoming European election in May 2014. Also check for our other >> [activities].