Call for Articles: Revisiting African Narratives

Call for Articles: Revisiting African Narratives

Africa Rising, African Renaissance, Africa’s century… So many notions are circulating trying to encapsulate Africa’s prospective economic and political ascent into the first row of the international arena. Yet, they also insinuate that Africa so far is not participating in international politics and instead fixate on a distant prosperous future. How would you challenge these paradigms and critically reflect on the continent’s current position in the world?

IFAIR is looking to revisit existing African narratives. As a young think tank, we want to open a dialogue between young voices to envision future perspectives. Your submission should deal with under-explored topics, reflect on existing debates and propose new paths. Analyses (ca. 1,500 words) and opinion pieces (ca. 500 words) on current affairs should engage critically with narratives on Africa.

Send us your article that can explore politics and society but can also draw on economic questions or international law. There are no limits regarding the focus of your work – as long as it centers around the above-mentioned theme. After a peer-reviewing process with IFAIR’s regional division (can take up to 6-8 weeks), a series of successful articles will be published on IFAIR’s website. In addition, Revisiting African Narratives will be part of a broader IFAIR project with online events and further content over the course of 2021.

Please see the guidelines attached for further information. Article submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until June 1, 2021. Send your submission (English or German) in Microsoft Word Format to IFAIR’s Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa Gelila Enbaye, at


Gelila Enbaye