Time to fight for Europe: What can I do?

Time to fight for Europe: What can I do?

Historic moments are usually not recognized by the people who live through them. Our present times seem to be a rare example. With Brexit, Trump and populism on the rise, one scary analysis of what our future might look like follows the other. Let’s not have our grandchildren ask us how we could have let this happen. Let’s do something. How, when and where? IFAIR has collected ideas on how to stand up for our our true and foremost national interest: a strong and united Europe.

#pulseofeurope – Sundays in major cities, 2pm

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#pulseofeurope European Union

Strong campaign that started in Frankfurt and has already spread Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam. Also has gathered a lot of media attention. The concept is very simple: People meet for about one hour every sunday in major european capitals to raise their voice for a united Europe and against populism. “We need as many people as possible to help us make the European pulse beat visible and audible. Mark Sunday 2pm in your calendar, connect it with a walk, take family and friends with you. Come on, take European flags and blue ribbons, motivate your colleagues to join! We want to be more visible and louder each week.”

March. for. Europe. – Your local city (e.g. Berlin), March 25th


March 25th is the day that unites them all. As the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, a broad array of organizations from European Federalists, unions, individual student groups to IFAIR has decided to coordinate for events in many citys all across Europe. Also, on this weekend, #pulseofeurope will change the date of its weekly demonstration to Saturday 25 March.  So it will probably hard to not find a city in Europe where you can show your support for a united and peaceful continent.

March. For. Europe. – Rome, March 25th

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True pan-european movement that organizes a huge demonstration for Europe in Rome on March 25th. You can join or organize a group that leaves from your city to be in Rome when the action happens – already 15 starting points all over Europe are available. The idea is to get together as many people in public support of the European Union with all the Heads of State and Government meeting in Rome for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. And quite surely, it will be a fun weekend. If you can’t go to Rome, see if there is a local “March for Europe” demonstration in your city (see right above).

The European Moment – Key dates March-May

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#theeuropean movement European UnionMotto: Time to get it together! Organizes four public demonstrations in Berlin on key dates: March 25th (together with March for Europe), April 22nd, May 9th (Europe-Day) and from then on May 27th and every last Saturday. Slightly broader range of issues, but still truly European at heart. You can publish why your heart beats for Europe on their website. Unfortunately, the latter is only in German thus far.

Even if you do not share all of each of the aspects that any of these initiatives stand for, they have a common bottom line: That life with the stability, prosperity and unity that the European Union provides is far better than without it. Do you know more initiatives that you think should be part of this overview? Write us at alexander.pyka@ifair.eu.

© Picture: European Parliament / Pietro Naj-Oleari