IFAIR’s Annual Report 2017: Much Accomplished, Even More to Look Forward to

IFAIR’s Annual Report 2017: Much Accomplished, Even More to Look Forward to

2017 was a year of important elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands, but also people in South Korea, Iran and Chile – just to mention some countries – went to the ballot boxes. Elections always imply decisions that affect the young generation in particular. Since IFAIR wants to promote young people’s interest in politics and foster their participation in international relations, we took the opportunity of this important election year for several activities.

The beginning of 2018 calls for a reflection on our achievements in the last year. We are especially proud that IFAIR keeps on growing, as the highlights of 2017 below demonstrate. This would not have been possible without your support during the pre-vious year! Therefore, we want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who made this success possible.

  • The number of members increased by more than 25% and reached 174.
  • We are delighted to welcome Florian Winkler as new member of the executive board.
  • We welcomed two new regional directors in our core team: Anna Schwertz-Weirich for Europe and Anne Laible for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • We surpassed the threshold of 5,000 likes on Facebook, and one of our posts reached almost 57,800 people, our biggest outreach so far.
  • With significant project funding and donations in addition to countless contribution in voluntary work, IFAIR has consolidated its professional development and continuous progress as a non-profit organisation in 2017. Our project ”Common Remembrance, Future Relations” in 2017 represents the biggest IFAIR project to date by financial volume.
  • In the second edition of the Impact Group “Memory as a Tool for Change”, 14 students from Germany and Austria travelled to West-Siberia for two weeks.

More information about our highlights, projects and new members can be found in our Annual Report 2017: Much Accomplished, Even More to Look Forward to.