Call for Articles: EU & Europe

Call for Articles: EU & Europe

Since the year 2000, the motto of the European Union has been “United in Diversity”. 20 years and two crucial treaties later, it seems worthwhile to reassess the validity of this credo under the light of past and current events. Have they become a true precept or just a mere catchphrase?

You are a student or a young professional who is interested in EU & Europe affairs? You want to share your knowledge and research results on urgent European issues? You want to get involved and gain access in an international research network?

If yes, use this opportunity. IFAIR is looking for your contributions tackling one of these topics:

– Do Member States perceive a democratic deficit in the European Union? If so how? How do the Member States’ perceptions of democracy and governance in the EU diverge?

– Is it rather self-interested or inspired by European public welfare?

– How do Member States view and use the European Institutions?

Your subject can also put these questions into perspective through the lens of recent challenges or political evolutions that the EU is facing, to picture a concrete example. You can link it to any policy field of your liking. Find more information about the thematic setting and formal criteria here.

Send us your article or analysis (500 -1500 words, requirements attached) in English or German on a subject of your interest or research. There are no limits regarding the focus of your work – as long as it centers around the above-mentioned topics.

If you send us your article, it will go through a peer-reviewing process during which the regional directors might make suggestions for changes and improvements (this can take up to 6 weeks). The final publication will be featured on our website and/or be published in print partner media such as the Diplomatic Magazine.

To publish your article, simply send your ideas or article by mail to or

If you have any further questions, wish to learn more about IFAIR’s work or want to become a member, please contact us or check out our website at